Epson SC-F570

When we moved to New Brunswick a couple years ago I put Payette Custom Creations on the back burner, moving across the country was difficult for me and I didn't know how business would handle the move (Big mistake, I know that now). I started working for Canadian Tire again, and everything was going well until it wasn't. My husband was sent away on course last summer and it was just going to be me and the four kids again for the summer, no big deal. But then this time because of working outside of the home, it was. Work had agreed to schedule around the kids softball and camp schedules and everything was going to be great. Until one day they said they weren't going to do that anymore. I wrote my letter of resignation a couple of hours after they let me know and I handed it in that day. You have to know, this was the second time. When we first found out my husband was going away I had given my notice, knowing that our summers are too hectic for the traditional work force. They didn't like that and came to an agreement with me that would allow me to stay, to work and be the mom I needed to be over the summer. So, it wasn't difficult to give that notice the second time. I meant it the first time when I said I needed to be available over the summer for my kids while my husband was and I definitely meant it the second time.

Now, here were are picking our business back up and going full force with it, because lets face it, the internet is everywhere and that's where most of our business comes from nowadays. I never stopped making things, I just slowed down but now I need to speed up again. I have bills to pay and kids to feed. We know now for sure that I am better off working from home and I intend to make the best of this life for our children. This life we have makes everyone happier than when I work outside of the home. So here I go, living my dream, expanding my business, doing new things. One long time goal of mine was to add sublimation, as many of you know, just before Christmas I had purchased a new Sublimation printer for our business. I did some research and decided to go out on a limb and buy an Epson SC-F570. When I ordered it I was under the impression from the website that the company had the item and would be shipping right to me and I would receive it within the week... Fast forward to January. The company that was freighting my printer across the country had finally received it in the city close to me and I was thrilled, thinking I'd get it the next day.

You have to remember I had been checking tracking every few hours for weeks by this point. Alas, it wasn't scheduled for delivery until the following Tuesday! Insert sadness, so close but so far! I discussed with my husband and decided that we would take the 45 minute drive to pick it up that day if the shipper would release it to me. And they did. Insert the happiest moment of the new year. 
I have been wanting to make the switch to Sublimation printing for a long time and to bring a new printer into the fold instead of spending hundreds, if not thousands on buying sublimation transfers.

So that's exactly what I did.

For those who know me personally you know I'm a go big or go home kind of person. And while this is a blessing it is also a curse because it can definitely get a girl in trouble from time to time.

I decided to take the leap. And I am happy to report that I did not fall flat on my face. I have been having so much fun with my new printer. I design my items in Photoshop and print them on my glorious beast of a printer. Then using my heat press, because with sublimation you have to use a heat press or convection oven, I personally use a heat press to apply the images PERMANENTLY to the mug, the cushion cover, socks, shirts, ornaments. Oh my gosh, I am having a blast.
The very first item I made was a wizard mug for one of my very best friends! There was definitely a learning curve to getting the heating and timing correct on my press but as for the printer it has made the most beautiful prints, perfect every time.

It was very easy to set up and right out of the box, okay crate, this monster came on its own wooden crate it's so big. I would recommend, as does Epson, having someone around to help you carry the printer and move it to wherever you'd like it to go. Not that it's heavy, considering the size it does not seem to be as heavy as expected. But it is awkward to manoeuvre on your own and of course for the money you spend on this beauty, you definitely don't want to have anything happen to it. Don't slip. Don't drop her.

Hahaha. So, when setting the printer up I did make an error. It didn't notify me to take tape off of the print head track box, I don't know what it's technically called but that works for me; and when I started the printer it made the most awful noise when that tried to move during setup. I knew exactly what it was, thankfully. But it still startled me. So I would suggest being careful to make sure you have removed all tape and all packaging from this printer before turning it on.

I made some socks for my daughter with her holding her puppy and his name on them. I was super excited to make them and give them to her. I think she loved them, I hope she did. 
I have been making so many beautiful items since purchasing this printer. Even my husband said he was very happy that I made this purchase. That brightened my day!

To say that I am in love with this printer would be an understatement!

Overall, I just wanted to make a post about how much I love my printer, I have not had any issues with it (except of course the first one which was mostly my fault).

I would highly recommend if you have a business or are thinking about starting a business that will have a printed Sublimation line that you do your research and consider investing in an Epson SC-F570 printer. I love this printer so much, the images are always so clean, crisp and beautiful. Every time I pull something off the press I am super excited about the finished product. I love them all and I would love to just keep them for myself! But What I love most is sharing the beauty of the finished product with others. So if you need a mug or tshirt or anything else please consider SC Custom Creations for your gift giving items.

If you'd like to see some more items I've been making head over to our Business page on Facebook @SCCustomCreationsNB or on Instagram @SCCustomCreations.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my review and have a wonderful day!

~~The item reviewed in this post was purchased with my own money, I was not given anything in exchange for this review! Nonetheless, these are my own personal, honest thoughts and feelings about this product~~

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