~~Giveaway~~ Silkki's 'member Me Bear

Silkki's Kountry Krafts has met the 250 fans mark on Facebook and has decided to giveaway a very special prize.
Silkki's 'member Me Bears are wonderful keepsakes that will remind you of those wonderful years when your baby needed you most, toddler years, school sporting events, weddings, any time that holds a special place in your heart that you want to remember over and over again.

Instead of leaving that sleeper in the closet never to look at again, why not turn it into a beautiful, one of a kind teddy bear?  Silkki's 'member Me Bears will be a wonderful addition to your child's room, or your room?!  I can't keep all the beautiful clothing that my children had when they were little so they have been heading out to the workshop at Silkki's Kountry Krafts to be turned into beautiful teddy bears that my children can play with, love, cuddle, and keep forever.  They are one of a kind, even with the same material the print is never the same on each because it falls in different places.

Silkki's 'member Me Bears regularly start at $60 Canadian.  They are made with or without button eyes and can have a name and/or date added to the chest/tummy.  This covers return postage back to the purchaser.  All you have to do is slide your favorite outfit(s) into a padded envelope or a box and mail them to Silkki's Kountry Krafts in Ontario, Canada.  Upon receipt of your items Sally gets to work making your bear.  Then ships it back to you.  You are updated on arrival of your items, on when they are being send back to you in the mail and then you get a tracking number so you can watch your parcel in motion as it's on it's way to you.
But right now and until April 1st at 12 am you have the chance to win one of these beautiful bears for FREE.   You are required to pay shipping to send your items TO Sally but everything else is covered in the giveaway.  This is open worldwide so anyone has the chance to win.

If you're interested in one of these beautiful Bears enter below.  Leave a comment letting me know what kind of bear you'll be praying to win.  Will it be a sports bear, a baby bear, a wedding bear, anniversary, Grandparent reminder??  Will it be a gift for Mother's Day for a lucky lady in your life? Will you keep it yourself?  I'm so curious to know who and what kind of bears people are thinking of having made.  Good luck everyone.  Remember to stop back and find out who won!!

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