Happy Birthday to ME!!!

 As some of you may already know (since I have been so absent lately trying to get this new business off the ground)... I make jewelry, among other things, but today we're talking about the jewelry I make.  And since today is my birthday and I'm feeling super old I thought I would give away a couple of pairs of earrings to some fans of Silkki's Kountry Krafts.
  I know a lot of you were following that page at one time but I closed the original fan page and have started a new one.  I'm trying to build my followers back up so that I can share my crafts with many people.  If you would like to enter my giveaway you just need to be a fan, there are three mandatory entries, the usual, like comment and let me know what you want to win.  This is different from what I usually do here because I not including Silkki's Reviews in any of the Entry options... Shocker, I know.
  But this giveaway is to promote my new business that I share with two lovely ladies, we all make different things but we come together under the umbrella of Krafts R Us.  You can check out our Facebook page or Webstore if you would like to.  We appreciate new fans.  Have a wonderful day everyone.  Good luck if you choose to enter my Birthday Giveaway!!!
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  1. Thanks for this opportunity. I have three little granddaughters who really love your earrings. I hope I win.

  2. Happy Birthday to a Person that is Charming, PARTYOPEDIA
    Talented and Witty and Reminds me a Lot of Myself. - Many More Happy Birthday Wishes