Always Infinity Heavy Pads with Wings
Made with a super absorbent material called Infinicel™ that can absorb ten times its weight, Always Infinity offers amazing protection like never before.

This review was a lot for me to take, step outside my comfort zone so to speak.  You see I have "Always" used the Always Ultra Thin pads, for as long as I can remember, probably for all of my "period life" and even though it was made by the same brand, it kind of felt like I was cheating on my pad.  Well, I was, I did, and I enjoyed it.  Sad to say, I have not gone back... terrible right?!  But hey, at least I am still and will ALWAYS be an Always user.  I honestly cannot see them getting any better protection than this.  I was worried at first because the pad feels so light, it's so thin and really it honestly feels like there is nothing there.  Almost like the first drop and it's done and you need a new one.  But really, the absorbency in this pad is phenomenal, I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it.  You would think that your period has been very light but when you take it off you can clearly see that you were really experiencing a flowy day.  It literally sucks everything to the bottom and away from your body, this is by far the best pad I have ever used and I really do not ever see myself using anything else.  I cannot imagine anything working as well, doing the job as well as this pad does, and being so absolutely comfortable.  P.s. This pad is so good I don't want to share it with my daughters, but I do.  And I feel comfort knowing that used properly they will never (or at least should never) have any embarrassing period moments.... thank you Always! :( lol.

I give this pad 2 out of 2 thumbs up!!

I received this product to try and then give an HONEST review of because I'm a Bzz Agent.

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