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Ontario’s Horse Racing Industry employs an estimated 60,000 Ontarians and pays a total of $1.5 billion dollars of wages and salaries each year in Ontario. The horse racing industry is the second largest sub-sector of the agricultural economy with a contribution in excess of wheat, eggs, poultry and hogs, combined in 2010.

If the horse racing industry leaves, it will cause a "ripple effect", causing farmers, vet offices, farriers, feed stores, tack stores, breeders, those employed by the track and countless others that will be affected if the horse racing industry leaves Ontario.  Many more will lose profits and jobs.

Over the last decade annual expenditures by the horse racing industry has increased by 67% to $2 billion dollars in 2010 from $1.2 billion in 2000. Approximately 80% of this expenditure occurs in Ontario’s rural agriculture communities where it provides much needed economic growth.

Government revenue from Ontario’s horse racing revenue has increased by 27% over the last ten years with the province of Ontario receiving $261 million dollars a year from industry not including OLG profits from slot machines.

Thank you everyone around the world for your support!!!!  it is greatly appreciated!!

Also, you may join our facebook group called Save Horse Racing!!  Where you can follow our journey of saving the industry and also join our discussions."

PLEASE CLICK HERE! Sign the petition! Spread the word! Save jobs! Help families keep their income coming in!

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