The Rebound

Upon discovering her husband’s infidelity, Sandy (Zeta-Jones) and her two kids move from the suburbs to pursue a new life in the big city.  There she meets Aram (Bartha), a local coffee shop employee whose wife only married him as a means to getting her green card.  The two strike up a friendship which eventually evolves into something more.  But it isn’t long before they’re faced with the big question - “Is this real or just a rebound?”

What a fantastically funny movie about the one thing many people struggle with.  AGE!!

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays an attractive mom, Sandy, of two who finds out that her husband has had extra-marital relations with the neighbor, at her son's six year birthday party nonetheless.    She moves herself and her children to the city and winds up finding an apartment through the man she falls in love with, 15 years her junior.   She is 40 at the time and he's 25.  Things are going well for her until her big mouth friend says something along the lines of "now that you've got the "rebound" out of your system you can find a real relationship".  We all have those friends, the ones who love us regardless but don't always support us and see the things we see.  Age is nothing but a number, but unfortunately after an ectopic pregnancy Sandy displays a flip-show in the middle of the street and confesses that she's confused and the pair break up.  She continues on with her career and he travels the world.   Personally, this is where the movie got boring for me.  I understand the need but there wasn't anything happening, just a mix of traveling shots.  There wasn't much interaction with two characters so I was a little bored and hopeful that it would end soon and we'd actually get back into the story.

And at last, the pair meet up again in a restaurant and discover they are both still single, never really "rebounded" from their love affair.  The movie ends with them holding hands under the table like a couple of young kids falling in love and not wanting mommy and daddy to see them holding hands.  My husband loved the movie and I really enjoyed it as well, like I said there was just that one part where nothing was really happening that bored me, other than that it was a great movie.

The story itself was fantastic, I'm sure there are many people out there who've been in love with the person who was "the Rebound", or fell for an older woman, or younger man.  It happens more and more every day and the best part about the movie is in the end, age didn't matter!  You love whomever you love, it's not something to be controlled.  This movie is awesome, it came out yesterday (February 6th) on DVD and Blu Ray, and if you haven't bought it yet, I would suggest you do, you will laugh and fall in love with these characters as if they were your own friends.  What a magical pair Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha are.  And as Justin says in his interview, you would never image him and Catherine falling in love, I think that's another thing that makes this movie so great.  It's so real and down to earth, the characters fit just right, and the story behind the movie likely happens a hundred times a year.

I really like this movie, I'm giving it a 3 out of 4!

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