BodyMind Weight Loss Hypnosis Mp3s

Product Description
BodyMind Weight Loss Hypnosis Pack is a set of 3 professionally scripted and recorded self-hypnosis sessions designed to manage and maintain weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise.
Used regularly, these recordings will naturally promote healthy habits and natural, effortless weight loss.

   I must say I have never experienced "hypnosis" before and I'm not even sure that I did here.  I mean I was relaxed when I listened to these three recordings but I can't really say that I was under hypnosis.  I found the recordings to be very relaxing and that is great, I can't say if they will help me with my weight loss journey or not as I have only started listening to them.

  They come in three sessions.  The first week you are to listen to Healthy Eating, week two you listen to Naturally Slim and week three (next week) you listen to Fitness Motivation.  At the end of week three you listen to all three of them ONCE during week four and then once a month after that.  I must say that I hope the Fitness Motivation works.  It is the one I need.  I mean, I have a huge lack of "urge" to workout.  I know that I need to and I know it's part of helping me get to the goals I want but in all honesty, I'm lazy.  I run around chasing four children all day, isn't that enough exercise?  Really?!  Please say that's enough!!  Okay, well, now that I'm done begging and pleading I will get on with my hypnosis....
  The voice is very calming and it's so nice to feel relaxed for 10 minutes out of my days.  In a few months I hope I will be on my way to a much healthier me.  Of the three recordings I would have to say (as I already have) that the third one is the one that will effect me the most.  I have a good grasp on what foods are bad for me and we don't usually eat "junk food" in my house, my children call crackers "chippies" (I think I've mentioned that in another review).  I am just so proud of my families healthy eating, but it's the fitness that is going to be what I need to get a grasp on.  I am hoping that by the end of this third week, after listening to Fitness Motivation, I will be motivated to get off my butt and actually get out there and do things.  My husband loves to run, he does it almost every day (not right now because he's having back issues) and I would love to be out there and running with him.  I do periodically and I thoroughly enjoy it when I choose to do it, but when he pushes me into it because I said I would and changed my mind when I discovered sitting on the sofa is so much more fun for me, well, those are the times I really don't like to exercise.

  I truly believe that this product will do wonders for me, it will get me motivated and get me to shed those inches that I've been wanting to go away for years now, I mean four children have changed this body over and over again and it's time I take it back!  I want to have me back, and feel good about myself in the process.  I think this will help me a lot.  I can't wait to see what my future holds with these recordings!!!

 I give this product 2 out of 2 thumbs up!  Lets hope I see results soon (and once I do, you'll be the first to know)!!!

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  1. I've been told that hypnosis is effective although I don't have the chance to try it. They said it relaxed the mind and body not like when you're doing rigid exercise.

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