Poetry and Peonies: Japanese Tree Peonies *Kindle Edition*

And Deborah Carney does it again!!

What another FANTASTIC collection of photos!  The photography in the books this lady does are absolutely amazing.  I love the angles she has chosen to use when she has published this book.  Some of the photos look like they may have come from the same flower bed, sometimes even the same flower, but there is a difference in each photo.  And, yet again she has brought forth some great "flower" quotes along with each photo she's taken.  I just wanted to let everyone know, if you appreciate quotes and/or photos of flowers (specifically Peonies) then you will adore the impersonation photos and quotes in the Kindle eBook.

~~ I was given a copy of this book for free NOT FOR REVIEW.  But I couldn't help but let everyone of you know that I do adore this as much as the last that I had viewed by Deborah!~~

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