Hall Pass

    I reluctantly watched this movie because the idea of a "hall pass" from marriage is revolting to me. And the movie is just exactly that. Men are pigs, married to amazing women and they still can't stop looking at other women, like they are missing out on something in their own lives, and marriages. Talking amongst their friends about the "hot" girl at the grocery store or the coffee shop (like the blonde in the movie), instead of just enjoying the life they have, the life that at one time they wanted. Why do men feel they are missing out on something, why do they have to long for something better. THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER. The two characters in this movie that I actually like are Rick played by Owen Wilson and his wife Maggie played by Jenna Fischer. Maggie is the one who said that Rick could have the hall pass but later realized it was she, herself, who wanted/needed the "break" from their marriage, but not really their marriage, just a break from watching her husband stare at all the super skinny women who don't have stretchmarks or saggy boobs from having children. She wanted to feel loved and appreciated and she wasn't feeling that at home. She thought if she could let him go out and get turned down then maybe he would realize how amazing she is and show a little appreciation towards her and stop looking at all the other women. So she packed up her children and when to the cottage. He rented a hotel room and then started the week of very slow, realizing that these women weren't actually interested in him. He later hit it off with the above mentioned coffee girl. One night he finally gets his chance, but then he realizes just how great his wife was, and the error of his ways. He turns down this completely gorgeous super model looking naked woman and heads to the cottage to get his wife, the woman of his dreams, the love of his life, only to find another man's car there. Afraid of what he would find, he entered slowly, happy to find his wife alone and then he tells her that she is the only one he's ever been with in "that" way. She "was his first, his last and his everything in the middle"

I love the way the movie wrapped up in the end. Even though some men don't appreciate what they have, some just need a little push to remember all the reasons why they love their partner.

~~I purchased this movie with my money and was not given it to review~~

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