Wigglo Pets Reviews

Wigglo™ Pets are the creation of 9-year old Maya Grace. She wanted to create a toy that didn't need
batteries nor incorporated a screen, one that was interactive and required imagination and creativity in the user. What makes the Wigglo™ Pet so incredible is that it responds to the user's touch.

A portion of sales of Wigglo™ Pets will be donated to the Santa Barbara Humane Society.


From the moment our Wigglo arrived Little Miss B was in love with it.  I opened the envelope at the mailbox and it didn't take long before "Cheetah", as she was named, was snatched from my hands by the tiniest of hands.  My husband and I showed her how to "play nicely" with Cheetah so that she didn't get hurt, we weren't allowed to pull her eyes off or pull her hair, we were allowed to enjoy her company and pet and play with her.

  The best part about Cheetah is that we have no mess to clean up, there is no cage to change the litter, unlike our hamster and Cheetah isn't mouthy like our other dogs, nor does she scratch after you pet three or four times like our cats.  The kids really enjoy playing with her and think she's great fun.  The faster you pet her the faster she wiggles which causes quite the excitement.

  I'm very happy we got to review this product.  If you have children to buy for this Christmas I would consider this adorable little no fuss, no mess "pet".  Entertainment with your own creative mind is an amazing gift to give.

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~~I was provided the above mentioned toy for free in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions expressed on Silkki's Reviews are my own~~

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