~~GIVEAWAY~~ Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Season 3 on DVD

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Season 3, the third and final season of the Emmy award-winning, CG-animated series, comes to DVD and Blu-ray on December 3rd, 2013--right in time for the holidays!  The 2-disc collection features 5 whole hours of Autobot and Decepticon fun and adventures, and all 13 Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Season 3 episodes.

Show Synopsis:
The battle between the Decepticon and Autobot robots rages on, as good guy robot Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to defend Earth and one day restore his home planet of Cybertron.  Teen humans Miko, Jack and Raf join the Autobots in this mission  But Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons wants ultimate power over Earth, and has also destroyed the Autobots' base.  Sadly, Optimus Prime and his brave team are out of communication with each other.

In the meantime, Decepticon robot Shockwave has brought the newest weapon to the playing board, which could help the Decepticons defeat the Autobots.  Will the new weapon destroy the Autobots and Earth, or can the Autobots reunite in time to defeat Megatron and the evil Decepticons?  Buy Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Season 3 on December 3rd to find out the exciting conclusion!


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