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Are you at a total loss when it comes to organizing your home and keeping it that way? Do you wish that you just had the money to pay a professional organizer to come in and just get it done for you once and for all? Have you been known to scream bloody murder and threaten death to the family if you step on just one more Lego in the hallway?

The Expert Guide to Home Organizing brings the professional organizer right to you. Twelve professional organizers bring you their expert tips and ideas for keeping your home organized once and for all.

Learn how to organize the kids toys, sort out your paperwork, even keep track of your digital life, straight from the professionals.
Tips are brought to you the following incredibly talented organizers:

**Beth Giles - Northwest Organizing Solutions
**Seana Turner - The Seana Method
**Julia Stobbe - Mind over Clutter
**DeAnna Radaj - DeAnna on Design
**Amy Volk - Simplified Living Today
**Stacey Erickson - Home Key Organization
**Elizabeth Dodson - Home Zada
**Bonnie Dewkitt - The Joyful Organizer
**Jennifer Snyder - Neat as a Pin
**Joanna Monahan - Major Mom
**Robyn Reynolds - Organize2Harmonize
**Leslie Jacobs - Les Mess

  It's nice to find a book that finely goes deeper than telling you where to put things.  I've often said to my husband and my close friends that I feel these books are very silly.  Telling you what you need to buy to be able to organize your home, but never even polishing the surface of the mental aspect of organization.  I really like this book and appreciate the time that the "experts" put into it in order to share with others the true keys to organizing.  It's not about putting all your ducks in a row, it's a lifestyle, it's changing habits and building routines.  I am so happy that I was able to read this book and learn some new things and strengthen the knowledge that I already had about it.

  For awhile I thought I was the only one who felt it went deeper than placing everything in chronological order.  I have struggled for years with "letting things build up", thinking "eventually, they're going to get the hint" but sadly it never works, no matter how much time and energy I put into making the house clean and organized, without the mental state that I am in, my family quickly lets it get out of hand again, and yes, of course I am to blame for allowing it to happen but one day they will learn right?!  This book has helped me realize my greatest fear.. my husband and children will never be organized the way I am, the way I want them to be.  I have let my house go too many times, I've bought the shelving, the cases, the boxes, I have tried to color coordinate, I've tried it all but it's just not in them.  I guess, I will be the organized one and try to figure a way to build that into their personalities but I need to get back to cleaning and stop letting it get away from me in hope that the kids would pick it up.

  I am very thankful that I've had the opportunity to review this book, I think it's a great guide for anyone, if you have ever felt overwhelmed by the "mess" the "clutter" and the disorganization of your home this book is for you.  You may realize what aspect you're missing to keep your house organized and together.  I know it has helped me, guided me, given me more things to think about and knowledge to share with my family.  I still hope eventually they will all get it and it will mean less work for me and more of a group effort.  I think my favorite part is that I now have in writing how to prevent my husband from being a hoarder.  We will be able to sift through all the "junk" (that's my word for it) that we have around the house that "might be used one day".  Ugh, those are my least favorite things.  Usually those things are either really little and there are so many of them or they're really big and take up a big spot.

  I really like this book, it is a great guide.  I am fairly certain that anyone and everyone can take something from this book and put it into practice in your own home.  Good luck with your organization challenges.  

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