Goodnight Little me Book Giveaway

I would love this book for all four of my children, I think it would be a great story for them to go to bed to.  It looks absolutely adorable.  A couple of my really good friends are pregnant and as soon as I hear what the baby's 'real' names are, because I'm sure her name isn't really Norman.  And the unsexed baby is likely not going to be called Bob, that's the name I gave him/her, same as I called my own children Baby On Board, B.O.B. for short.  LOL.  Anyway, I wanted to share this information for all of you who have your own children and loved ones that you might like to share this with as well as enter it yourself.  Good luck to all who enter.
Goodnight Little Me will quickly become your little one's favorite bedtime story.
 Personalized with your child's name on the cover, in the story and even in the illustrations, Goodnight Little Me features a "goodnight" parade that marches lyrically through your child's sweet dreams. Sheep come a-leaping, dogs dance in a kick line, crickets chirp and owls hoot-hoot in a beautifully illustrated storybook brought to life by award-winning artist Mary GrandPre' and author Jennifer Dewing. As an added personal touch, this whimsical storybook includes the child's birth date and a printed dedication from the sender. Made in the USA.
 As I said above, I thought this might be of interest to those of you with young children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or even if you love your friends children.  Do you know someone having a baby?  Would make a great shower gift, if they've already picked the name.  If this book interests you, would you be interested in winning an autographed copy of the book?  If you are then head over to the I See Me! Facebook page for instructions on how to enter. I wish you all good luck and if any of you win I really hope you enjoy this new book and the exciting illustrator I See Me! has partnered with.

~~My Krazy Kountry Life has not been compensated for letting you know about this offer, I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it might be of interest to you~~

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