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How many of you have wanted to give to children in need but at the same time not wanted to go to far out of your own way?  Sad but true we are a very selfish species.  Well guess what, if you have children you can read your loved ones a book on the computer that they will love because they get to spend quality time with mommy or daddy and in the end when you have read to your own wonderful child just click send a book and "We Give Books" will donate a book to children in whichever campaign you have chosen.  It's that simple.  In no time at all I read two books tonight and also sent two books to children in Africa.  
First book I read

34 of the cutest pages I've read on the Internet.  And the second book I read was Spot Loves His Mommy.  I really enjoy reading books that make me think of how I interact with my own children.
I am hoping that there are more people out there like myself who may not have a lot of money, but who have a big heart and are able to take a few minutes a day and read a book with their children and at the same time helping out children somewhere else in the world who have even less.  And I know a lot of people in the world today are struggling, but I tell you now, if you're able to read this then you are by far, much better of then the children these books will be going to.  They have no Internet, some likely don't even know what a computer is.  Please take time before bed, when you first wake up, before nap time, whenever you are able to sit down with your children and read a book.  They will enjoy it, you will enjoy it and so will children somewhere else in the world.  Thank you to all for your kind hearts!

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