PENATEN® Daily Clear Protection Cream

PENATEN® Medicated Cream might be familiar to many moms and dads as it has been around for over 100 years protecting and healing the bottoms of many children who've experienced the irritation from diaper rashes, it is specifically formulated to offer fast, soothing relief.

Since 1904 this little blue tin with the thick medicated cream inside has helped and continues to help treat baby's diaper rash and also creating a protective barrier to fight against further wetness.  But now they have created PENATEN® Daily Clear Protection Cream which is a non-medicated clear cream that goes on smooth leaving the baby's bottom soft.  It is not greasy which is nice to parents hands.  It is designed for regular use and helps prevent diaper rash from occurring.


I have four children, my oldest is almost 11 years old now, and I have used Penaten in the little blue tin since she was born, up until my son was born it was my diaper rash preventative choice.  I never had diaper rash experience so it must work, right?!  Well, when my son was a baby and in diapers I used it for a little while, but then I discovered the most fantastic thing every parent should have for their babies PENATEN® Daily Clear Protection Cream.  I love that unlike the tin of "butt paste" this tube of cream does not stick to my  hands and leave a white blotch of cream that I had to use a baby wipe to clean off if I was in a hurry, and that wasn't easy.  I didn't like having to scrub the paste off, but this new cream is amazing, I love it.  I used it for my son and continue to use it for my daughter.  I give it away to everyone I know who's having a baby.  I truly believe it's great and I want other moms and dads to enjoy it as much as I do, or at least be given the chance to.  I know some people don't like trying new things especially when there is something similar that has had a long life in the market, but give it a try.  I'm sure you'll love it.

~~I purchased this product with my money and was not given it to review~~

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