Some more stepping stones......

A few years back my husband and I started welcoming other peoples pets into our homes.  These pets were previously loved by what we hoped were great homes, but for one reason or another their people could no longer take care of them, didn't have time, were having a baby, changed their minds, pet was pregnant.  It didn't matter the reason we didn't worry about why (unless of course the animal was violent, because of our children) We have taken in countless cats and dogs, pregnant or not.  We have loved them for the time they were in our home and we tried very hard to find them loving homes.  We have charged small fees on occasion but it all depends on how long we've had the pets.  So, the reason I am talking to you about this today is because last night one of our friends told us her boyfriend was going to let their three kittens outside because he didn't want them anymore.  Their cat had given birth to four kittens and they had given one away when they were little, for some reason my friend thought it was a good idea to keep the other  three.  So here they are 16 weeks old and she had one night to get rid of them and no one wanted them. So, after a year and a little bit of taking a break from taking in animals we have three new kitties....oh yeah, then tonight my friend told me that she had to get rid of her 7 week old kitten that she just got because she scratched her newborn baby :(  So, now we have four.  I have posted ads for them and hopefully someone will take them and provide wonderful homes for them.  We don't charge for kitties of any age, no matter how long they are with us :)  They don't cost much....I don't take in animals to make money, I take them in because I have a huge heart (sometimes too big) but I love helping them out.  I think because I would like someone to help me out if I were down on my luck and needed a little help.  I want to be that person for the animals.  I love being the "Stepping Stone" from one loving home to a forever loving home :) 

I did want to bred dogs at one point in time, not really for money (although, my husband liked that aspect) But when you bred dogs you have to do it for a very long time or have a lot of b*tches in order to make money because it doesn't pay.  Vet bills, food, etc etc etc.  I have had two litters of puppies and although I enjoyed every aspect of it, I have changed my mind, at this point in time in my life I cannot justify breeding as my husband is not always home and I can't dedicate the amount of time towards them as they would need.  I have my own babies to worry about for now.  Maybe when they are all grown up I will think about it again, but until then I will bring in animals that other people didn't want any longer and find them good homes.  I will likely not take up breeding because after bringing in these random lonely pets from time to time I have come to realize that there are way too many animals out their looking for homes.  People love a pet when it's a baby but sometimes that's it :(    We have 3 dogs of our own, a lab (one of the puppies I bred), a husky and a husky/german sheppard mix.  I love our doggies, and we also have 4 cats (two of which were given to us from a friend who didn't want them any more, one we still got because of that same person, and the fourth one we got while visiting that friend).  We love our furry family and although we've had a lot of them in the past we are sticking with these 7 until they leave this world. 

Well I have to get going, have a great night everyone :)

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