The Game of Life Twists and Turns by Hasbro

 In my household we enjoy family game night on occasion, it's hard to find games that all four of my children will enjoy playing together so we usually stick to having it when the younger two are in bed.  We do have some toddler board games that we enjoy during the day when they are awake but in order to really have the older children enjoy the game it can't be something simple.  I know what you're thinking, "kids these days".  I enjoy playing with my children EXCEPT that everyone always wants to be the banker and in control of the money or the houses or the people.  It becomes very difficult to explain a game like Monopoly to a five year old, thank goodness for Littlest Petshop Monopoly.

   Last Christmas I got The Game of Life Twists and Turns (I love board games, I would be happy if I owned every one and someday I hope to have at least played a great majority of them).  So, this game has sat on the shelf not living, not twisting, not turning, doing a whole lot of nothing.  You know why?  I will tell you why, because I thought it was too old for my children.  One night my 10 and 5 year old said "Can we play Twists and Turns PLEEEAAASSSEEE", of course I reluctantly said yes, dreading the crying and screaming that was surely to come from my five year old as the frustration grew the more we played and the less she understood.  But to my surprise, none of that happened, it was extremely easy for my 5 year old to do.  She got to be her own banker and she understood most of what was going on.  She had a blast, and so did I.

  The best part, there was no fighting over being the banker at all because everyone gets a turn.  It's electronic.  Everyone gets a card that they stick into the disc as it comes to them on their turn.  Well, wasn't I relieved!  The instructions were easy to follow the game pretty well plays itself, there isn't even counting at the end, you just stick your little "Visa" card into the machine and it tallies everything up for you.  It's great.  I enjoyed it so much and the children asked to play it the very next night.  It is definitely at the top of my list of games to play with everyone.  And even though my son wouldn't understand just what's going on, he can play it too.  He can count his man ten spaces, if that's what the computer rolls for him, and the rest mommy or daddy can help with.  I really did enjoy playing this game with my husband and our older children.

 I love the game, but it's a little bitter sweet, the part that makes it great for my youngest is also the part that makes it not as fun for me as traditional board games, the electronic counter.  As a child, my favorite part was being the banker and counting out the money, handing over the little pink and blue people and spinning the dial.  They have taken that fun out of the game.  If moves faster, I think and it easier to do, as long as you're paying attention to your turn there should be little to no mistakes.  But it just isn't as exciting as it used to be.  I think seeing the money, the pink and blue people, all the hands on things, that's the most exciting part for me.  I do love that my younger children can play but compared to the original, not quite as fun, still a lot of family fun in my house but it's just not the same.

7 out of 8 thumbs up.

 ~~I purchased this board game with my money and was not given it to review~~

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