So proud of myself today....

Hey everyone, how was your day so far today?  Mine has been great.

My five year old slept with me through half the night last night so I wasn't so lonely....a little at a loss for room in my bed, but that is always a welcomed loss.  Both girls had showers before school this morning, both younger children were spectacular today and I got so much accomplished.  I spend 5 hours today studying and then I got my Smart Serve Certificate, which is totally awesome.  I was thrilled.  I can't believe I finally did it.  My husband and I talked about it for a long time and I just kept putting it off, but I figure, better get doing things.  Life is going to keep going whether I do it now or later.  When my husband comes home I will now be able to go to work at night part time when the children are in bed.  That is exciting, I don't want to work, but I do want to know that I'm doing what I can to help provide for our wonderful family.  My husband works a full time job on top of being in the Navy so he does so much for us and I'm not even sure he realizes it.  He is always keeping busy and trying to do everything, he never takes a break, he feels like he's doing something wrong if he's not keeping busy.  I really don't like that trait that he has because I would love to spend some quality time with him sometime.  But to him quality time is him doing dishes and me cleaning something else in the kitchen.  Backs to each other but being able to talk.  I really just want to sit down and have a coca~cola and popcorn and watch a movie with him.  And what's worse about that is that while he's away doing his training right now...during his "down time" all they do is watch movies and tv.  And on the weekend he went to watch "The Priest" which is a movie I wanted to watch, with him would be have been great, but when he's home we don't have time for a movie, let alone going out to a movie.

Today has been such a wonderful day, I finally got to sit down with my "bestest" friend.  I haven't been able to see her lately as she's working a lot.  It's funny how the two most important adults in my life are both unavailable at the same times.  Some day my family will be moving quite a distance away and this friend is going to be one of the few people I will miss here.  I really hope she knows how much we love her, how much I love every thing she has done and continues to do for my family.  I have never met someone as nice and genuine as this wonderful person.  We can talk to each other about anything although I realized today that we haven't really talked much lately.  I have been trying to keep myself busy, as to not miss my husband too much. And with her working all the time I really just don't get to say all the things I want to and I sure am not hearing the things that I should be as well.  I want her to know that she can always talk to me about anything at anytime of then day or night.  I don't ever want to drift so far away from any of my friends that they don't think they can count on me or talk to me about anything. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!!

Have a good night everyone.

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