Am I the only one who thinks cell phone companies rip you off big time?

Last night I put $25 on my husband's cell phone and then we talked for 50 minutes and it ran out, today I put another $25 on it then called him, so the children could all talk to him, they talked for about 6 minutes and he's out of time again.  That is such a rip off and then I call Bell at twenty minutes to 9 none of the options say "to talk to a person press".....they close at 9 which is fine, except as I was very angry and pressing every single button on my phone trying to get it angry with me and forward me onto a person it preceded to tell me that they are closed.  WTH....that's so stupid.  I am so mad I have spent $75 on that dumb cell phone in less than 24 hours and it's out of funds.  How is that even possible.  I just don't understand and now I won't know until tomorrow.  Unfortunately my husband only likes these Nokia bar phones and we can only seem to find one with bell :(  I think when he gets home we will hook his Blackberry up and then we'll be able to BBM all the time for free and call each other as well I do believe.  I'm not sure.   Oops, I have to go my baby is up.  I'll be back later.... :)

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