Bed time....Why is it such a chore lately?

So, this happens every night and now that I have a blog I can write about it and get it off my chest.  "Stress free living"  :) 

At bedtime my three of four children go up, use the washroom, brush teeth and get their pajama's on.....the only problem is takes being told over and over and over....My son always wants me to sleep with him, but I have to tell him that I need to put the baby to sleep before I can and when I come back he's sleeping, usually on the floor in front of his door with his pillow and blankets.  I pick him up and I put him into his bed.  Then my five year old will do everything fine, without getting her pajama's on.  She needs to be told over and over...she almost needs to be watched all the time.  My ten year old will wait until all the goodnights and kisses are done, I'm downstairs and then she will come downstairs and say "I can't fall asleep", it's only been 10 minutes.  I find it very hard not to get frustrated.  I try my best but I can't always keep my calm.  It is very difficult to have this same thing happen almost every night and know that no matter how hard I try they will continue to do this.  I love my children very much and I spend all day with them and enjoy almost everything about the day, but you know there are sibling fights and tantrums and through it all I will always love them, They are wonderful children.  Now, how do I get them back into a good bedtime routine?!  Hopefully one day.

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