Good Morning Everyone....

Welcome back, or welcome for the first time.  So last night there was an incredibly gross beetle in my house and I was too grossed out to kill it so I put a baby food jar over it until my friend could come and move it outside today.  To my surprise, and disgust, this morning when I went to look at him and make sure he was okay I see he moved the baby food jar and is loose now.  Some where in my house there is an ugly vengeful beetle who now wants to eat me for keeping him hostage most of the night.  Okay, so with any luck the last bit of that is a little bit of an exaggeration.  I hope anyway!

  It is now 8:48 am my time, add an hour to get the time where my hubby is, and I haven't received a text from him yet.  Luckily he's only off doing training so I know that it's "controlled" danger and I'm not really worried about his safety.  I do worry though that he slept in and then was in such a rush to catch the bus that maybe he forgot his phone and then I won't hear from him all day.  I miss him so much when I don't get to actually HEAR his voice.  We text constantly because that's free.  He has pay as you go and I called him last night after putting a $25 card onto his phone, we talked for 50 minutes before his phone disconnected because it was out of funds.  WOW what an expensive 50 minutes, but well worth every penny if you ask this lonely wife.  Some times I find it very funny because I, myself, don't actually understand how with four children, two of which are home all day and two are in school, how can I be lonely.  I love the time I spend with my babies and they keep me really busy, but when I think about him I get lonely.  I don't let it consume me like some people do.  I mean I love him very much and miss him and wish he was home, but I have other things to do with my time, I can't just sit around pondering what he's doing, who he's with etc etc etc.  I have four children and try to keep them busy also.  He was away last year during the whole summer and the children and I spend almost every day at the beach.  The big girls loved swimming and my son enjoyed the park there.  My baby was only 2 months old so she enjoyed her carseat, occasionally the water, but not often.  My husband was only 4 hours away last year so after week 4 we drove up to see him and sometimes we would bring him home.  Even to have him here for 2 nights and spend 16 hours in the car was worth the time we all got with him :)  This year, right now he is away 16 hours away and that is too long to drive just for a weekend visit, for the children anyway, I would do it alone but they shouldn't have to so we'll wait.  But that's okay because he is also only away for 5 weeks.  I can't wait until he comes home, it won't be soon enough.  My 5 year old is going to bake him a welcome home cake :)

My oldest daughter asked to take her iPod to school today and I forgot to grab it for her so now I feel bad, but she only plays it on the bus so it's not a big deal, I'm sure she's over it.  I hope.  Well I have to get going for now, I may be back if anything exciting happens today.  See you all later.

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