The Ultimate Life

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This touching story of hope and family values is the follow-up to the heartwarming film and best-seller The Ultimate Gift. After receiving life-changing gifts from his grandfather, Jason Stevens finds himself in need of guidance once again. Jason’s billion dollar foundation is being challenged in a courtroom battle, which complicates his relationship with his soul mate. When it looks like he may lose it all, he finds his grandfather’s journal. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, he embarks on a journey into the past through the journal to learn what it means to live...The Ultimate Life.

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The Heart of the Ultimate Life
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Interviews with cast members Abigale Mavity, Ali Hillis, Bill Cobbs, David Mann, Drew Waters, Logan Bartholomew, Austin James, Peter Fonda, executive producer Rick Eldridge and author Jim Stovall
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"One Life" Music Video
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I absolutely love this movie.  I think it is a wonderfully told story about a man who loses sight of what's really important in life until it's on the brink of being too late.  I'm sure their are times in everyone's life that they believe that money, fame, fortune, and the like are what is really important but that simply is not true.  As Scrooge learned in a Christmas Carol, again on the brink of disaster, money is not what it's about, being "the richest man in the cemetery" is just not what the goal of life should be.  It's about loving one another, sharing our joyous triumphs and our terrible downfalls, the short comings of life that allow us to appreciate those glorious little things that do go well for us.  It's hard to see from all angles but really money is not the thing we should be fighting to have an abundance of.

Our family is not what you would call "well off" but when it comes to being rich we most definitely are, just not monetarily, and I'm perfectly alright with that.  We have all the best things I could ever imagine having, three healthy girls and one healthy boy, my husband and I, although we're aging daily, we are healthy as well.  I couldn't think of anything greater.  I do admit that at times when we're struggling most, I do feel like we're failing our children by being unable to give them all the hottest toys and clothe them with all the latest fashions, provide them with all the hottest electronics... etc etc.  But as a great friend pointed out to me one day, my children do not show signs of missing out on anything, they are all happy and appreciative of what they have, of course they likely wish they had all the cool things their friends brag about having but you know what, they have what's important and what matters.  They are gaining skills and morals, things that video games can't teach, things that will follow them through life.

I truly felt terrible for the family in this movie, to be put through the life they were so their dad could be rich, could enjoy the glory of having the biggest oil field, the most money, sure it's great to be resourceful and it's great to have money but is the cost really worth the reward?  I truly do not think so.  I would much rather be "poor" and have a close knit, loving family than be rich and have the family the gentleman in this movie has.  He ended up raising a bunch of spoiled rich brats.  If they were my children... have you ever said that in regards to some misbehaving child you see in a store, the restaurant, or any where else?  Of course you have, we all think we could "straighten them out", just like my daddy says about my children, because he forgets what it's like to have young ones.  But the four children on this show all needed a father figure around and they didn't get it.  It really struck a nerve with me when the dad missed Christmas to close a big sale, well he was buying, but either way, it was still bad.  I couldn't believe it, although I don't know why I couldn't considering greed, money and power seem to control the world.  I heard something the other day (don't ask me where because I forget but if you know feel free to comment on this so that I will remember where it came from)  They say money is the route of all evil but it's really the love of money that is.  And that's true.  It's not the money, had this man been satisfied with just getting by, or even when he got to the point of being rich... things could have turned out differently but he wasn't, he always wanted more money, he wanted to be worth millions, great ambition, but what about the wife he left home, alone, sad and lonely, I bet she spent much time thinking about the love they once shared.  They loved each other so dearly, so genuinely, so true.  And they struggled in the beginning, he didn't come from much, and that's why he vowed to make millions, he didn't want his family to struggle and suffer the way he had as a young child, the way his parents had.  That is great but unfortunately he went from one extreme to the next.  And the values he passed on to three of his four children were the wrong ones.  Does his Grandson learn the real importance of life before he loses his own love?  Grab a copy today and find out for yourself.  I can't give all the good stuff away.

I really enjoyed this movie.  Although it made me very angry to watch money take over and allow a close, loving family to drift apart, it also made me happy when the man finally realized what was important and what really matters.  Sometimes it just takes an accident, an act of God for people to realize what is really important in life.  As I always say to my children, they are young so they should save now to make life easier when they are older but really, they can't take it with them when they go so they might as well enjoy it while they can.

If you're the type of movie watcher that I am and you enjoy movies that take you back in time, to a simpler place, this would likely interest you.  I think it's a great movie, it may even be worthy of a few tears... not the type you have from a real tear jerker of a movie, but the bitter sweet, happy one minute, angry the next, kind of tears.

It's a great movie, I really like it.

**I received this movie free in exchange for an honest written review of my opinion!!**

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