At Causora their mission is to help raise more funds for charities by rewarding donors with free vouchers from their network of socially conscious merchants. When people donate to causes like the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Habitat for Humanity through Causora, they get $20 in thank you rewards for these merchants' products and services for every $20 they donate.

  I think this is a great idea, you donate to a worthy cause, and there are many to choose from on Causora, then you get rewarded for that!?  Personally, I don't feel a reward is necessary, I like to give to charities just for the warm and fuzzy's it gives me.  There are many people I know who would rethink their donation after stumbling upon this website.  Above you will find a donation widget that you can get started with, The Cause of the Month is the Red Cross: Typhoon relief efforts.

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