Wagner Paint 'N Roll Plus

  • Wagner's manual roller system
  • Manual plunger delivers paint to the roller
  • 18 oz applicator paints up to 57 sq. ft. on one fill
  • 9" (23 cm) roller splatter shield, can lid and suction tube included


I was cruising around my local Canadian Tire this afternoon with a friend looking for a birthday present.  Straight to tools and hardware we went.  As we all know, the paint desk is by hardware in Canadian Tire stores and there sitting on the shelves of "miss-tints" was this fabulous shade of blue, a nice Royal Blue, two cans actually.  Well, I impulsively picked them up thinking I was going to buy them and "use it someday", as I've done many times before.  Well, I then thought about actually painting, we've lived with the ugly light brown/tan color on our walls for more than 4 years and I was more than tired of it.  So I went to purchase a tray and roller set because that's what you need when you're painting a large room.  I took a look at the shelf and as I was getting ready to leave this Wagner Paint 'N Roll product jumped out at me.  I needed to purchase it, I said to my friend "even if it's bad, I'll still get a review out of it".  Well, here it is.  I love this product.  You attach the lid that comes in the box to the paint can and then place the extender on the lid, suck up some paint and away you go.  I have to admit, I didn't read the instructions, I have difficulty with that sometimes.  I mean, how many of you have gotten a new toy and just wanted to play with it?  Ya, that's what I thought.  It took about ten minutes to cover 2/4 of the room (our living room is about 20x14.5).  It is fantastic, in that time I only filled the wand twice, and although my husband doesn't agree with my color choice he is sure liking the Paint 'N Roll and I can't blame him, there is so much less mess than with the traditional tray and roller.  I love the convenience of not having to worry about dripping excess paint all over.  You slowly push the handle up and a decent amount of paint came out.  I really like this.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to paint their rooms in minimal amount of time, with little mess.  Clean up seems to have taken a little longer, but if you're keeping your roller to re-use it you have to remember that this product works its way from the inside out, so it is thoroughly in that roller.  It's not going to just be a rinse and go, like the rest of the kit is.  The best part about this product is that it carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.  How great is that.  If something starts to mess it up, in theory, you can take it back to any Canadian Tire in Canada and get a new one.
  Like I said, if you are painting a room, big or small, ceiling, anything, grab this product, I paid $25 for it and it was well worth it.  I may have to just paint my entire house now...Shhh don't tell my husband or he won't let me pick the colors.

I give this product 3 out of 4 thumbs up!

~~I purchased this product with my money and was not given it to review~~

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