Face Racers: Photo Finish 3DS

Start your turbo-charged engines and blast into the outrageous arcade racing game, Face Racers: Photo Finish, with photo customizable 3D racers that put YOU in the game! Available on the Nintendo 3DS, Face Racers delivers unique, in-your-face gameplay, with dangerous obstacles that come to life in 3D right before your eyes! Take photos with your 3DS camera and place them on the face of your custom 3D racer, billboards and power-ups. Take on friends in multiplayer mode for a true photo finish in Face Racers!

System:Nintendo 3DS 
Release Date: Sep 13, 2011 
No. of Players: up to 4 players 
Category: Sports, Racing  
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment

I was so excited when I was given the chance to review this game.  I only have one son and he's always out numbered by his sisters and their "girlie" games.  So when I saw this in my inbox I had to jump at the chance to review a game that my son would love.  And what a great game too.  Okay, so it's not that easy for him and he does get a little frustrated but the fact that his face is on his race car is awesome.  No more asking "well which one are you?"  You will always know.  He has enjoyed the game so much, but of course he doesn't actually get to "play" it the way that it was made to be played, his racing skills will develop over time I'm sure and then he will leave the rest of us in the dust.

So, that's where mommy comes in.  I set up my character, which is actually quite easy, and then I'm ready to race, track is set, players are ready and we're off.  This can be an "up-to" four player game, on four different DS's of course.  I really enjoy the excitement of racing games.  The graphics are good, the courses are very creative and colorful, I really like them.  I, like my 3 year old son, get frustrated because I'm not very good at the actual racing, but I do enjoy trying so much.  My favorite feature of this game is the fact that my children can put their own faces on the cars and that, to me, gets them more into the game.  It's a whole other level of excitement to play as yourself with your cars, instead of the avatars that they give you on all other games.  I think this game is fantastic.
Again, I am not a fan of the 3D, I feel that it hurts my eyes and I don't let my younger children play with it on.  You are cautioned by the company that 3D can hurt the development of children's eyes age 6 and under.

If you like racing games and you're looking for just that something extra that gives it an edge over the competition, grab this game, put your face on a racer and speed down the tracks.  I bet even those who don't like racing games will get a little joy out of racing their own image through all the twists and turns.

I give this game 5 out of 6 thumbs up.

  • Put your face onto your very own racer!
  • Customize not only your racer, but also the karts and billboards with your Nintendo 3DS™ camera.
  • Use standard controls or try the 3DS gyroscope control scheme for a unique racing experience.
  • Tons of power-ups like the “In Your Face Taunt” and “Triple Missiles” give you the leg-up on the competition.
  • Supports single and multiplayer (for up to four players) kart racing action.
  • Race through 20 exotic track locations like Ghost Ship and Outer Space.
 ~~ I received this product free for my honest review~~

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