The Boot Stroot

How To Guide
Using the Boot Stroot is as easy as:

Three easy steps to tuck your jeans in boots without bunching or bulges!
Steps to use the boot Stroot, described in video: 1. Cuff jeans and fold them on both sides so that they are flat against your ankle. 
2. Wrap the Boot Stroot around the cuffed jeans
3. Pull on your boot with your pants in boots.  No bunches.  No bulges.

  I know we haven't really needed this product too much, yet, this year, but I have warn it on the few snowy days we've had.  And the days where my feet were cold and boots were a must.  I must say, I personally love it.  The one I got is brown, so it doesn't go as well with jeans as the blue one would have, or my black dress pants as the black one would have but that's okay, it's still fantastic, and really, I don't mind that much what it looks like.  I think it's comfortable and makes throwing my boots on in a rush so much easier.  No more fumbling with the pant leg only to get it in almost right and have to take my foot back out.  I wrap the Boot Stroot (strap + boot = Stroot) around my ankle in the morning and I'm good to go all day.

  I haven't actually been able to use it on some days when I'm just running in and out all day getting wood for the fire...because...I bought my son a sleeper and it's just a little too big for him, so I hike up the feet (too where they should be) and wrap the boot stroot around his ankles and he's golden.  No issues with the feet of the sleeper dragging on the floor and tripping him, nothing like that is going to happen because the Boot Stroot is here to save the day.  I bought him this sleeper for Christmas, so he's only had it two weeks, but those were a long two weeks when it instantly became his favorite sleeper.  Everything else on the sleeper is the right size, but the legs, they are at least one foot too long, kind of frustrating.  I was thinking of just giving them away, no point in saving them that long (lack of storage) but then one day as he was suffering from his dragging feet I remembered the Boot Stroot, I went to the kitchen and pulled it out of my boots, that's where I store them so they are never lost and I know I will have them when I go outside, I put them on my son and he loved it.  He felt very special. 

  I would completely recommend the Boot Stroot to anyone woman who wears boots, fashion or other.  I wear them with my dressy boots and also with my big clunky "wood getting boots".  They are great, makes the transition from not wearing boots to wearing boots WITHOUT THE BULK so much quicker

I give this product 4 out of 4 thumbs up.

 ~~I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~

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