Sleeper's Run

War on Terror veteran, Eric Caine, is found wandering the streets of Miami with no memory of the car accident that left him there. Alone and suffering from PTSD, Eric is on a one-way road to self-destruction. Then a chance meeting at a bar begins a series of events that helps Eric start anew. When his new job relocates him to Venezuela–the land of his childhood–things, however, take an ominous turn as a catastrophic event threatens the stability of the country. Now Eric must escape an elite team of CIA assassins as he tries to uncover an international conspiracy in which nothing is what it seems.

This book has action and suspense.  It is jammed packed right full of details, information overload maybe?  Henry Mosquera did his research before writing this book, that is very clear.  There are so many great aspects in this book the thrills and suspense keep you on the edge of your seat, but at the same time too much detail can hurt my interest.  I really enjoyed the beginning of this novel, it peaked my interest to keep reading more.  It was very suspenseful reading about Eric Caine, jumping to my own conclusions of what was going to happen on the next page, how did he get there? Where did he come from? What will happen next?  I can see this book not being for everyone.  The language on Caine was a bit much for my taste as well.  I mean, I don't think I have ever read another book with the F-word in it.  Yes, juvenile "F-word" I know but I have children and I would not like them to use it, or read it or say it...they are all too young for this book but someday they will read things like this and I hope the language is more tasteful, but it did suit the story a little bit.  I was surprised by the language in the book, definitely not in my taste.  I cannot take away the fact it is well written for sure, for a first time book, Henry did a fantastic job bringing Eric Caine to life, but the things that played out through this book seem too unbelievable.  The effort is good but I think there needed to be a more believable element happening.  

I give the author credit he did a fantastic job getting the information together and making the story really well written.  I just wish it was a little more believable, realistic if you will.

I give this book a 1 out of 2

~~ I received this book free for my honest review~~

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