TJ & Pals Remember Game


 TJ & Pals Remember Game is Fun and Educational!
Young children will build concentration skills and attention to detail while stimulating their ability to notice the visual differences and similarities between objects and people. 
Using fun and familiar themes, TJ & Pals have created 6 exciting themes that allow children to test their memory skills at 3 levels of challenge. 

TJ's Remember Game is simply amazing fun.  My children love to play this game, which we have on our iPods.  It is so simple for the children to do, just click and reveal then find the match.  It can be a little frustrating sometimes for some children, I could see how some might get upset and maybe even lose their temper if they can't find the match.  My children enjoy playing it, all at different levels as well.  They have 3 levels each with a different number of cards, I think the highest level has 24 cards.  And it is very simple and fun to play.  Don't tell anyone, but I quite enjoying playing it on my own, I'm trying to beat my own "fastest time".  Sometimes having children brings fun in ways you never would have imagined.
I thoroughly enjoy the time my children and I get to spend TOGETHER playing this.   Mind you all of them, except the baby, can play it on their own.  My youngest child is just over 1 and a half but she does enjoy "playing" the iPod as well.  She doesn't really play but she is flipping the cards and finding random matches, or maybe it's not so random and she really is learning as well.  She is bound to have a remarkable memory playing this game.  I would recommend it for building some memory in your child(ren).  It's fun, pretty simple, perfect for little ones who want to play with you.  

Great little game.

I give this 10 out of 10 thumbs up.

~~I purchased this game with my own money on iTunes~~

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