Bracelet-Mate® The Ulitmate Purseless Purse ~~Giveaway~~

Bracelet-Mate® The Ulitmate Purseless Purse

Introducing Bracelet-Mate® - Chic, elegant and playful way to carry your essentials in a "hands-free" manner for today's fast-paced, active lifestyles.
Each Bracelet-Mate® is beautifully hand-beaded.  Besides the numerous design options available, what makes the Bracelet-Mate® truly unique is that the bracelet is attached to a mini-wallet capable of carrying your ID, credit cards, currency, lipstick and key.  When warn the wallet sits discreetly on the inside of your wrist, and can be worn on either arm; you always know where your belongings are!

When I got my Bracelet-Mate® in the mail I was thrilled to have it.  This perfect tiny little wallet that I don't need to worry about losing, it's always right there on my wrist and I know that.  And unless I wear it upside-down, all of my things are within reach at all times.  It has truly made a difference in shopping with my children.  The last thing I like to do at the cash in Walmart is fumble around in my purse looking for my bank card with two children under three crying and screaming that they are ready to go.  (My little ones are usually very well behaved, but they do have their moments, shopping for six can take a little longer than expected sometimes and I don't blame my little ones at all).  Now I don't have to worry about that.  Because of Canale Originals I can always have my bank card on me.

I wanted to do this review because with the holidays coming there are always parties, gatherings, functions of some sort that you have to attend, and usually you'll also have to spend a few dollars.  I don't drink so money is not an issue to be had at those times, but I do like to have my ID on me at all times.  I mean, I am a mother of four, if something were to happen to me I would want someone to know who I am.

  So, it's party time and NEVER have I been able to find an inexpensive "purse" to go with all my dresses.  I have tried the little black ones, they're great but there is always some sort of "bling" and it's not always looking good, if you know what I mean.  So, I have my beautiful Bracelet-Mate® and my problems are all solved.  ID, bank card, lipstick, car key, and a photo of my babies.  All conveniently tucked under my wrist where no one can see and no one knows that my beautiful bracelet is really holding all my necessities for the moment.  I absolutely adore it.  My daughter does too, she wanted me to take it off as soon as I put it on so that she could wear it too.   For the price you would pay for a wallet you to can have one, or more, of these wonderful little items and enjoy the convenience of knowing your belongings are within reach.

Canale Originals is extending a couple of deals for you all.  Go to their website to place your order and at the check out use the code BLHOLY for a 20% discount off of your order.  Also, They have offered Cyber Monday, with the same code that I gave you before BLHOLY you will get 50% off and FREE SHIPPING on everything except Versa-Cases.  NOW THAT IS AN AMAZING DEAL!!

Check out Canale Originals on their Facebook page.  Like their page and enter the contest(down the left hand side under "contest") they are running for a Bracelet-Mate®.

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