illooms LED Balloons

Since today my oldest child turns 11 I thought I would let you all know about this great little Balloon I found for her party.  Above you will see the three packages that I purchased.  I mean she's 11 now and regular old balloons just aren't "cool".  So, she's having a few girls over for a sleepover and a few years ago we bought a disco ball and had a dance party.  This year my husband is setting up DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and we're having a dance party again, because lets face it she may be old, but she's still a little girl who loves to dance.  I saw these illooms Balloons on sale (clearance actually) at Walmart in Watertown, NY. So, I grabbed three packages.  And I love them.  Sure they aren't going to light the way home but in the dark they are definitely bright enough to be cool, they are LED lights after all and the lights last 15 hours.  And kicking these around on the floor while dancing your butt off is so much fun.  Not only do they add the fun to the party that all balloons do, but they also have the added touch of a bright glowing light.  I'm sure some will glow brighter than others, but they are visible and so much fun.

 You are cautioned not to pop these balloons, I repeat, please DO NOT POP these balloons.  They come with a little tab attached to the inside that you simply pull off, it lights the LED light inside each and then you blow it up.  You even get a measuring tape because you're not to blow them past 9 inches.  Also in the kit is a little deflation sticker you stick around the tied end to cut it.  These precautions are for the safety of the person using it. If you go to their website you will see illooms Balloons are simply a really cool added touch to any party or gathering.  Oh, and did I mention you can have them "branded".  How about that for the next wedding party you throw, or bridal shower, or corporate gathering? 

Currently they are available at many retailers in the U.K., at Walmart in the U.S.A. and coming soon to Europe and the rest of the world, including Canada (where I'm from).

I give these balloons 11 out of 12 thumbs up (the one thumbs down is for the pain in the butt cutting the 40 balloons is, BUT it is well worth the fun of them)


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  2. I bought Three packages of these illoom balloons at our super Walmart store. Only 1 white balloon worked! Out of 15, one worked great and ALL the others didn't work at all. We used them for the outside patio for my daughter's birthday.
    I would not but these because you can't count on them working at all.

  3. I ordered one of these packages but couldn't find any hint for inflating with Helium. Doesn't it work ???

  4. You have to blow the balloons up with your mouth, They do not self inflate! The pull tab is only to start the light.

  5. mcirig@verizon.net30 March 2013 at 09:46

    Where can I buy these balloons.
    I live in Braintree MA 02184

    Mary Cirignano

  6. I just checked and the information is still the same as this review. You can purchase these at Walmart in the USA

  7. it left a welt on my sons stomach in three spots finding out later they were burns do to the fact the led lights heated up the balloon an popped it buyer beware

  8. I bought mine at walmart. They do not self inflate.15 balloons in a pack for approximately $5.00. you turn it on by pulling the LED tab. Then you inflate.

  9. We had a Birthday party and two of the little girls were burnt when the balloons popped in their hands. Very dangerous product.

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