Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty

I recently purchase this new Dawn dish washing liquid because I love Dawn, it's the only thing I use to do my dishes with.  And I thought "WOW, one that I can use and it won't dry out my hands, it will actually help moisturize because of the Olay.  AWESOME"  Well, let me tell you, if you have anyone in your home who has sensitivity to scent, DON'T buy this.  It is so strong that my husband just walked through the kitchen door and was asking what that smell was and why I used so much.  As for the Olay in it, I haven't noticed any extra softness or feel to my hands.  I am not sure if I don't use enough or what but I will stick to my Orange Dawn (it's my favorite).  Also, something that I noticed, is that I have to rinse my dishes a few times because there seems to be a silky film on the dishes, maybe the moisturizer for my hands left of there instead of on my skin?  To each their own, I hope you enjoy it if you try it but as for my household, it's too smelly and I have to use extra water rinsing so it's not worth the cost.

1 out of 2 thumbs up. (I do love the smell, even if it is overwhelming)

~~I purchased this product with my money and was not given it to review~~

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  1. I'm a guy in my early 60s. My nails had been splitting for months, and beneath the quick, ouch! Since I started using Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty only 1 week ago to wash dishes, the skin around my nails is regaining its smoothness and my nails aren't splitting like they had been. Yes, I have to rinse a little longer, but not much. For me it's a dream come true