Let me just start by saying, I LOVE THIS MOVIE.  I thought it was very funny.  I was torn at first because I "heard through the grapevine" that it "is the female version of The Hangover".  And the hangover is NOT my kind of comedy at all.  All those phrases you hear, like "the last fling before the ring", drive me crazy.  If you are in love with someone and you "take the plunge" and decide to get married why would you want something like that, why would you do something like that to your partner, soon to be spouse, the last partner you will ever have in your life.  I was very happy to see this movie was nothing like that, I mean yes the bridal party went to Las Vegas but we never actually saw anything but the plane ride that got cut short.  This movie truly portrays the life of a woman in a stressful time in her life.  I can totally relate to most of the female characters in the movie.
 Annie's adult life is a total mess, she is having a relationship with a man who only wants one thing, then she meets an amazing man and she blows that because she's so confused.  She feels replaced as her best friend, Lillian, is getting married and has a "new" bff.  Jealousy takes hold of Annie and some uncontrollable turn of events happen getting her kicked out of the bridal party, she is replaced as the Maid of Honor by none other that the woman she felt was trying to take her place in Lillian's life, Helen.  Later she finds out that Helen doesn't have the picture perfect life that she pretends to have.  He husband is never home, her step children hate her and she only wants what we all want, some real friends.  Annie is too busy holding onto the past regrets she has and the feelings of abandonment by her partner who left when her business fell apart that she doesn't see the things that are right in front of her.  The feud between Annie and Helen started from the first minute they met, you know that person you judge before they even open their mouth and prove all of your assumptions to be true.  Fighting for the place of Lillian's best friend proves pointless for Annie, she says all these great ideas and then Helen uses them once she because Maid of Honor.  Annie can't handle it anymore and snaps.  On a rampage she single handily ruins the wedding shower after the theme, that she picked out and Helen stole, and then the gift from Helen for the bride to be, to go to Paris.  That was it, her boiling point, she flipped out and got kicked out of everything, even attendance of the wedding.  All of the women have their problems, and they all hide it well, except Annie.  I feel this movie shows what we all know, women are emotional and sometimes crazy.  The actresses all did a fantastic job in this and I loved each and every one of them.
I was quite surprised by the performance of Melissa McCarthy who played Megan, she was no Sookie St. James I tell ya.  (Gilmore Girls fans will know the reference)  I loved the part, and she did an amazing job in it too.
I watched the movie with my husband last night and he loved it as well.  We will always remember "It's a bear's meat and cheeses"
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.  Finally a real view on the way woman think under stress.
6 out of 6 thumbs up.

~~I purchased this movie with my money and was not given it to review~~

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