Things happen when they happen...

  Moving to the country was a long time in the making.  We lived in the city for 1 year and 3 months, the most miserable year and 3 months of our lives.  We decided to start looking for a new home shortly after moving into the semi in the city, that's how not city we are!!  Well, after a long year of looking at homes and getting our hopes up we decided that maybe now wasn't the time to move.  And then it happened.  My husband took flight for the coast for 3 months and that evening I heard back from a couple that their house was still available and I could come take a look.  I did, it wasn't love at first sight by any means.  The previous occupants were smokers, and you could tell, it showed and the smell still lingers to this day.  Hopefully it will be gone soon.  There were bags and boxes everywhere, I'm not sure if that's how they lived or if they were in the process of packing but it was not at all appealing to the eye. One of the downstairs rooms, the one my oldest uses as a bedroom was housing some rabbits and there was rabbit droppings all over the floor, it was kind of gross.  The house needed work.  Unfortunately, I had built this home up in my mind, the price was too good to pass up, there were 5 beds two baths, and many many beautiful acres....well, I left very disappointed, I was going to just leave it but something inside of me told me this was the house.  A couple days had passed and I finally made up my mind, I was going to make an offer, a plea really, I wanted to live in that house and I wanted the owners to say YES!!! And they did!
  We tried to keep it secret and not tell my husband, and we succeeded for a short time, I spent the month of June painting and moved in July, and then he found out.  I thank Facebook for that but it's fine, he was happy and we were all happy.  It's been a long couple of months; packing, painting, moving, unpacking, construction, new bathroom, septic issues, toilet issues, floor leveling, and so much more.  We got a second dog because my monster needed a playmate.  And he loves her.  A couple weeks ago we fixed up one of the sheds and purchased some chickens... That was one thing we knew we were going to do when we moved.  You see, with 6 people, we eat a dozen eggs per meal when we eat eggs, and they are expensive.  We love chickens and my husband has decided that one is "his", "she likes me" lol.  What a guy.

  Well, I better get back to it, a farmers work is never done, but that I mean laundry and dishes... ugh!! Have a great day all.  Hope you enjoy the weather we're having today.

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