Terry Fox National School Run Day...

My children are supporting their school's 2013 Terry Fox National School Run Day. They are proud to be part of this Terry Fox Fundraiser and would love for you to support their efforts to find a cure for all cancers, just like Terry did!!!

  If you can support them online that would be fantastic, if you have your own children to support, neighbors children, don't have the funds or are unable for whatever other reason, don't feel ashamed to decline.  That is a feeling I know all too well.  We don't have a lot of money and whenever we have "extra" it's really not extra, it's spot just hasn't shown it's face yet.  I donate when I can and I help when I can, it's not always possible and I feel bad, guilty actually.  The grocery stores ask for donations, along with other stores, "donate to the local breakfast club"...well, I would love to but you're always asking for that right when school starts, right when I have just outfitted four children with all the back to school supplies I can think of and then some for the school to keep in their possession.  Anyway, I could ramble on but I'm losing site of what I'm trying to say... Please donate if you can, Cancer Research is very important, many people die every year and I pray that one day with all the funding they receive they may find a cure!! Some day!!

Thanks again!!

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