Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked on Blu Ray

 The Chipmunks, Chipettes and their caretaker Dave Sevelle (Jason Lee; “My Name is Earl”) embark on a trip of a lifetime aboard the Carnival Dream cruise ship.  Seeking fun and excitement, the Chipmunks turn the luxury cruise liner into their own personal playground.  But the ultimate vacation quickly becomes a disaster when the Chipmunks, Dave and Carnival cruise pelican mascot, who turns out to be the chipmunks’ old manager, Ian Hawke (David Cross; Megamind), accidentally fall overboard and find themselves ‘Chipwrecked’ on a remote island.  Stuck in an unfamiliar territory, the six furry castaways are separated from Dave and must figure out a way to survive on their own for the first time in their lives.

 What a fantastic family movie, I really enjoyed watching this with my children.  I think the loonie lady on the island was my favorite part.  At first I felt sorry for her for being "stranded" there for so long, until you discovered that she is KRAZY!!  I have always loved the Chipmunks and this movie just goes ahead once more and shows me why.  They are adorable little creatures.  The graphics are getting so much more advanced than they were back in the day when the Chipmunks first hit the big screen, and that's part of why this movie was awesome.  I was surprised to see Simon's adventurous side, Simone, but it was great to see him open up and not be so uptight all the time.  I think I am the Simon in my family, always making sure that everyone does what they are supposed to and trying to keep everyone out of trouble....I want my Simone side to come out and play!  I'm sure my husband would like that as well.  The Chipmunks and the Chipettes are awesome castaways, and when roles reverse with Simon and Alvin, it just shows that even Alvin has an in-charge side too.  Although, his side might not be as creative as one might have thought, you have to remember he is the one who is a free spirit.  I really enjoyed this movie and I know we will watch it many time over the years!

I give this movie 10 out of 12 thumbs up!

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