Poise Hourglass Pads


Millions of women rely on Poise®

A little bladder leak at the wrong time can really put a damper on your day. So why let it happen? With Poise® , you can give yourself one less thing to worry about. Our products are designed specifically for LBL and provide discreet and worry-free protection, whenever you need it.
Our pads and liners are so effective because:
  • Poise® is designed specifically for light bladder leakage
  • Poise® protects against odors
  • Poise® locks wetness away to keep you dry
  • Poise® has 5 absorbency's with options for the right fit.
  • Poise® Hourglass* Shape Pads have a contour shape to help prevent leaks and bunching


I was thrilled to receive the email saying I could try out this product.  I thought that it would be awesome because I've seen them in the store, like most other people who walk any where near that section of the store.  Pads and Tampons always seem to jump out at you no matter where you are shopping, if the store carries them they might as well have a huge neon sign pointed that way.

  Well, I got them in the mail, expecting a couple as a sample surprised to find that I got a whole bag.  Very nice, or it would have been even nicer if I had liked them.  Which I don't, and not because they don't work, I know we've all see the commercials on tv showing the maxi pads being compared to another one.  Well, I did my own test.  Took my Always pad and my Poise pad and a baby food jar.  Filled the jar and poured it slowly onto the Always pad.  It took in just under half a jar before it started leaking.  The Poise pad took TWO baby food jars full of water before it started dribbling a little leak. So if you have a huge leak, are laughing so hard you pee your pants, Poise will definitely be there for you.

  But what happens if you have just a little leak?  I mean these pads are huge.  You take for example an Always pad (that's the brand I use for period protection and "Always" have, okay there was a little pun there).   So, you compare Always to Poise and you find that Always are a heck of a lot thinner, I mean I could feel the Poise all the time, it's huge and bulking and just plain uncomfortable.  I do love the design, a very cute added touch, but totally unnecessary.  So, comfort ~ Always wins, size ~ Always wins, decoration ~ Poise wins.  Comparing the absorbency ~ Poise definitely wins.  So, All and all I have complaints about the size but it does do what it was made to do.  I guess, despite my dislike for them I would recommend them to anyone who has a bladder leakage problem, but not a tiny leak.  :)  If only these came in pantyliner size.

~~ I received this product free for my honest review because I'm a Chick Advisor~~


  1. Poise isn't comparable to Always. They are for different purposes

    1. The comparison wasn't based on their purposes. It was simply to demonstrate my opinion of the difference in size and the feel, and of course I did mention the water test to demonstrate that Poise will hold a lot in case you do have leakage. As stated in the review Poise "does do what it was made to do" and "despite my dislike for them I would recommend them to anyone who has a bladder leakage problem".
      Most people are aware of Always and the size of them, that was the only reason for the comparison, I never said they were for the same purpose or were usable as such. Although I do know people who've used always for bladder leakage which I have since recommended them to use Poise (thanks to being able to do this review I was able to suggest an alternative). I'm sorry that you felt I was comparing Always to Poise for any bladder leakage issues.

  2. I have used Poise for years and find them much better than the Tena ones. However, recently, Always came out with their own pads for bladder leakage so I purchased them. Wrong move. They are huge, uncomfortable and do NOT have odor control, much to my chagrin. For my money, and bladder issues, Poise continues to win these wars.