The Lion King

Released from the Disney Vault OCTOBER 4, 2011!!

There is nothing better than a movie making you smile like it did when you were a child.  Disney's The Lion King does just that.  I just sat down and watched it with two of my four children before nap time and I sang all the songs and smiled at all the cute parts that I remembered from my childhood.  What a great movie, good morals, good thoughts, lots of love.  I personally enjoyed the movie as a child because Jonathon Taylor Thomas does the voice of the young Simba and I just loved him.  He was my favorite TV star back in the days of Home Improvement.  I once owned this movie on VHS but my now 11 year old ruined it one day as she let it have a drink of Root Beer.  Yep, so my days of loving the Lion King I thought were over until this year when I heard it was coming out on Blu Ray and DVD and I am so glad it did.  I went to Walmart today and I bought it, today right then and there, as soon as I walked in the store there was a display of them just begging me to buy one.  At first I just picked up the regular Blu Ray sized case (yes, that's right it comes in a Blu Ray and DVD pack in two sizes, Blu Ray's smaller size or the taller DVD case) but I later saw that it came in a package with a 15 month Calendar for $2 more so of course I grabbed that instead.  I can't wait to watch it over and over with my children as I did when I was a child.  I can't seem to forget the words to the entire movie even though it's been so many years since I had last seen it.  I truly think if you have never seen this movie and your children have never seen or heard of it then it would be a good thing to invest in.  Teach your children with the help of Disney that yes some things in our past may hurt us but we can't run from them forever, one day you need to stop running and face the obstacles in your way.  Learn from our mistakes and never let them hold us back from being everything we are meant to be.  I cannot express to you just how much I truly love this movie, I hope that all of my children love it as much as I did, or else I'm watching it alone.