Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone, so I guess deciding right before Christmas, with four kids at home, was bad timing to try to start blogging every day again!

Story of my life.

So, here we are one week into January, 2020, I have been sick for the past few days but finally coming along. I haven't blogged since December 20th which I feel terrible about but my kids had the couple of weeks off of school starting at that time and life got away from me. As it often does. I will try much harder to post something everyday or as close to it as possible moving forward.

But, hey, at least Santa thought I was a good girl last year and he brought me some awesome new tools to add to my workshop. I will likely end up doing a review on them at some point in the future. They are coming in handy for my latest project...

With the kids are back in school now. My husband is finally back to work, after having 2 months off due to back surgery and recovery. It's just me and my store. Renovations continue on the store. I'm working on putting in a new, recycled, floor. I love it. I think it's beautiful and will look amazing once it is all done and I am super excited about the progress so far...

Well, it's been a pleasure but I have to go make some dinner and put my babes to bed. So I will end this here for now and look forward to posting something tomorrow...

Oh, I have a giveaway coming up so stay tuned for that.

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