I'm back....

Good day everyone.  I am back.  It has been a little over a year now, a year and close to four months to be exact.  So much has happened for us. We were finally able to buy a house, we applied to be foster parents.  So much to go on about but not enough time right now.  I'm so thrilled I finally got this website to work again, it took a little while I couldn't get it to stop redirecting to yola.com even after I deleted the connection.  It was getting very frustrating.  At first I thought I would love yola.com, thought it would be perfect to wrap everything all in one.  But in the past year I have become so frustrated with the host that I was ready just to give up on blogging all together.  Instead, I turned back the clock and came back here.  I love blogger.com.  It is a very user friendly site.  I couldn't get anything to work properly for blogging purposes at Yola.com.  They have it set up so the landing page cannot be a blog which really sucked.  Maybe one day I will go back, but for now I'm here.  Enjoying my easy blog platform.  I will catch you all up on things very shortly, but for now I need to get dinner ready.  :)  It feels so good to be back here.  I hope to get you all caught up soon.  Take care.

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