Petcetera Sizzling Summer savings! Aug 14- 19th

What a great weekend to live in a big city.  The Petcetera that was in my town closed down and I still receive their emails telling what fantastic deals they have going on at the time.  Some times I get the urge to drive the 2 hours (one way) to grab something but then I sit back and think, saving $20 on something isn't really worth the $40 gas I would have to spend to get there.  I mean, if I was smart I would just delete my name off the list but I have a brother who lives in the next major "big" city in the province and I know if I really wanted something he would get it for me and bring it down the next time he visited.

So, I thought I would share this sale with you because it looks fantastic, if you live in the area.  Great cat items and the crates for dogs are only half price.  Seriously, who isn't trying to save money nowadays?

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