Breakout Kings



Season 1 on DVD March 13

There’s no escape when “BREAKOUT KINGS,” comes to DVD on March 13 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Don’t miss the chance to catch up on the gripping suspense, meet the provocative characters and experience the non-stop action that helped “BREAKOUT KINGS” Season 1, post record ratings for an original drama series on A&E.
Now renewed for its second season, “BREAKOUT KINGS” follows some unconventional partners working to catch convicts on the run. Driven by the fact that there are few things more dangerous than a prisoner who has just escaped and tired of following protocol, veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie DuChamp (Laz Alonso) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi) are taking an unorthodox approach to their work: using former fugitives to catch fugitives. If they agree to help, the fugitives’ sentences will be reduced for each escaped convict they bring in. However, if any of them should try to escape themselves their sentences will be doubled. Will the “BREAKOUT KINGS” wait for their freedom, or will they go on the run themselves?
“BREAKOUT KINGS” Season 1 is loaded with exclusive special features including deleted and extended scenes and several must see featurettes including  Good Cons, Bad Cons, Bullpin Sessions, and spotlight on Prison Break cross-over character T:Bag Dealt a Bad Hand.
“BREAKOUT KINGS” also stars Jimmi Simpson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “My Name is Earl”); Malcolm Goodwin (“Raising the Bar,” “Hack,”); Serinda Swan (“Supernatural,” “Smallville”); and Brooke Nevin (“The 4400,” “Worst Week”).  “BREAKOUT KINGS” comes from Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora, writers and producers of the hit series “Prison Break.” “BREAKOUT KINGS” is produced by Fox Television Studios for A&E Network.
What a fantastic show!  I was thrilled at this opportunity and when I received these DVDs I couldn't get them in the machine fast enough.  My husband and I sat down to watch these shows and did not expect what we got.  The first couple of shows were very graphic, they were a little more brutal than I was expecting.  But we loved the entire series, we spent many late nights watching them.  I was very pleased with the entire show.  I was captivated by each new story and couldn't help but want more, that's why the late nights.  I think this show is awesome, anyone who likes action, adventure and intrigue should definitely grab themselves a copy of this first Season of The Breakout Kings.  You will not regret it.
There is always one character you don't like, you think they are a jerk and you just can't stand them when they open their mouths....yep, there's one here too.  Zancanelli's a crooked cop.  But he is very good at what he does, he makes the show very enjoyable.  I can't stand the ignorance of his character, but I love to be angry at him.  I think all of the actors/actresses do a fantastic job with their roles.  I was very surprised with the great work in this series, I hope there are many more seasons to come.  I would love to have the pleasure of seeing this year after year, each and every case is unique and great in every way.

And the ending was the best part.  The team was definitely divided throughout the whole season because they are cons working with cops.  And the part I find funniest is that the Zancanelli (the crooked cop who lost his badge for theft on the job) is the one who is hardest on the cons, calling them "animals" and treating them terribly, he drove me crazy watching, listening to what he would say to them.  But in the end he is no better then them, he could even be considered worse if you think about the fact they are citizens who messed up but he took a pledge to do good and then he really messed up.  Who do you think is worse?  Well, in the end they became a real team!  And that makes me eager to see what season two has in store for this team of awesome people.  And I really hope the cast remains the same, I love them all and don't want them to change it up!

I give this movie 4 out of 4 thumbs up!

~~I received the movie mentioned above for free for my written review of my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers~~

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