Mo Phillips' CD Monster Suit

Beloved by families in Portland, Oregon, independent musician Mo Phillips is ready to burst onto the national scene with the April 10 release of his third kids’/family CD, Monster Suit.

The uncomplicated charm of Monster Suit stems from its refreshing connection to what was happening in the late ‘50s, when rock ‘n’ roll was evolving from a cultural mix of country, folk, and African-American influence. With a style and delivery sometimes reminiscent of Woody and Arlo, Mo Phillips offers classic acoustic rock ‘n’ roll with a minimum of electric effects in a finely tuned but fiery blend of Americana, soul and blues.


This CD is so different from any child's music I've heard, I think maybe I need to listen to family/children's music more often.  I was not expecting this when I put it in my car.  At first I was confused I wasn't sure what to think of it, but the more I listened to it the more I liked it.  My children really enjoy it, my 11 year old is always trying to put it on when we're driving somewhere.  This CD has replaced the radio in my car.  It's wonderful.
  The "music" portion of the songs is fantastic, if you take the words away and only focus on the music it is such a wonderful sound.  And then when you add in Mo Phillips' wacky songs, it's hard not to enjoy it.  I have turned it on a few times with random people in my car and they had no idea what that was I was listening to, but when they realized it was a children's CD they warmed up to it.  I really enjoy knowing that I can put this CD on and my children will love it, it isn't terrible for these mom ears either.  I find myself laughing at the words, I sit back and shake my head and say "what?!" then we all laugh, the children think it's funny.  I guess mommy is just too old for this kind of stuff.  If you have young children you may want to grab a copy of this CD, and you know what, even if you don't like it, keep in mind that they likely will LOVE it.  Just like mine.

  I give this CD 10 out of 12 thumbs up!!

~~I received the CD mentioned above for free for my written review of my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers~~

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