Iris and The Dragonflies

After dragons, in the form of spell-bound dragonflies tell Iris she is their long-awaited Dragon Seer, Iris takes the first step toward her destiny by challenging the greedy mayor who wants to destroy the local creek, the dragonflies' home.  But evil never works alone and a man with his own mysterious connections to Iris will do anything to stop her.

 WOW!  I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to review this story.  I absolutely love it.  As soon as I started reading it I was hooked, it is captivating to say the least.  What a great story, the author's writing style is superb.  I would definitely recommend this story for  children from grade 5/6 on, and also some parents may enjoy it as well; like I said, I personally enjoyed reading the integrating story.  Iris is a great girl, reminds me of myself as a young child.  I had but one really good friend just like Iris, and although I cannot talk to dragonflies I sure wish I was able to back in those days.  This is a great tale of a little girl who's on a mission, her destiny is written and she is determined to live up to it.  Good will prevail over evil, as it should.  Keeping the love of this land in her heart always, Iris is a smart and strong girl.  
I personally love dragonflies, and dragons for that matter, but the true beauty of this story is that it's about friendship, nature and the magic that surrounds us all every day.  Iris is a caring girl who has her head in the right place, from the very beginning of the story, before she knew she could converse with the dragonflies, she was a kind caring girl to the dragonflies.  With her best friend, and only friend, she has a special connection, she is able to hear her thoughts and vise versa.  In this story, Iris is described as a girl who has her heart in the right place even when those people around her poke fun at her and tease her, including her older sister, Bella.  She is "different", I mean she can hear the words of dragonflies and bees, but Iris is proud to be who she is.  She is strong spirited and has a strong will, a fighter from deep within her heart and she knows what is right and she won't let any of the Timmy's or Tommy's of the world stand in her way of doing the right thing.  

The world needs more Iris'.  I love this story.  Well done Rosemary!  I really enjoyed reading this story and am letting my daughter, who is 11, read it now that I have finished it.  I know she will love it just as I have.

  This is a great story and I would suggest grabbing a copy and giving it to any children you know, age 11+, who loves to read.  It would make a fantastic Christmas gift, or birthday, better yet just to give your child or someone's child you know the gift of a wonderful youth fantasy novel.
For more information on this wonderful story head on over to Rosemary Danielis' website you can also "Like" her on Facebook.  I personally hope to see more stories by this author, I thinks she did a wonderful job with this book.
I give this story 2 out of 2 thumbs up.  Amazingly well written.

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